Stand Alone Villa Mountain View HYDE PARK Compound New Cairo

Stand Alone Villa Mountain View HYDE PARK Compound New Cairo

Stand Alone Villa

payments and installments up to 6 years as follows:


4 Years Plan

5 Years Plan

6 Years Plan

Contract Payment




Remaining Installments





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Cross over bridges compromise the sweetness of the Mountain read Hyde Park. Overhead bridges crossover pedestrian trails make sure that cars ne’er interrupt your pedestrian expertise in Hyde Park. Providing a healthy and safe surroundings for you and your young ones to get pleasure from the park life.

With pedestrian walkways amounting to 7 km , you’ll be able to relish strolling, running, cardiopulmonary exercise or biking in our tree-shaded trails without having to cross one road. you’ll be able to additionally expertise the magic of promenading in between colorful trees passing by water options and ponds whereas paying attention to the singing birds or just relax on one in every of the scenic park benches on the path.

One of the most important highlights of Mountain read Hyde Park is its majestic lake, a real landscaping masterpiece. This illustration feature of Mountain read Hyde Park is at the middle of our community. whether or not you have the requirement for tranquility or a preference for paddling, you will find paddle-boats, sport boats and canoes sharing the water. providing you a novel thanks to expertise life together with your family and friends.

A Spine of 800 m and another amused alleys of 200 m of foliage goes through MV parks ranging from the Palace and ending by the Hyde Park. get pleasure from strolling in an exceedingly improved space passing by, Landmarks, water options, and memorials events avenues.